Mitsubishi Endeavor.

I wish to tell about the given automobile to people who have desires to move from point A to point B, not overpaying for “frills” and other unnecessary things. To begin with, I will tell, where this car came from. assembled in the USA, the body is designed by Yankee without any frills, and has some similarities with cars of South American origin, for example – the rear end with “Jeep Grand Cherokee”, Japanese engine (similar to “Pajero 4”) with a capacity of 3.8 m3 and 118-liter capacity.consumes our AI-92, the consumption in the city is less than fifteen liters. (tank eighty four liters), power is enough “by the eye”. The gearbox is electric (Japanese) 4-speed with possibility of manual shifting, works in standard without jolts and sounds. Drive is unchanged on all 4 wheels with electric spreading on axes, tested works perfectly. Suspension of Mitsubishi Endeavor is taken as a base from Galant, that makes the car close to a car as for softness and maneuverability.

Pros: good and cheap to maintain the car.

Disadvantages : long waiting time for spare parts.

Mitsubishi Endeavor, two thousand and four.

Mitsubishi Endeavor liked the size and rugged appearance for a reasonable price. The car is made exclusively in the U.S. The engine is conventional, 3.8 liter – gives very even admirable dynamics. At any speed has enough power reserve. In tip-tronic mode, you can also drive. At the same time it is comfortable to drive Mitsubishi Endeavor in the stable manner on huge distances, what I will not tell, for example, about Murano. The car is soft (for me critically), stable, behaves perfectly on ice. 4WD is not switched off, but it is absolutely not “stupid”. Was a “Padgero” with the ability to turn off 4WD, but the rear not only in the ice, but when hitting wet asphalt drifted, so almost always went in all-wheel drive. The equipment in the beginning is usual – the seats adjustments, the usual display with the temperature and display of climate control modes. A big hatch. I’ve added bi-xenon in the headlights, a DVD under the passenger seat, a good speaker Alpine with a tube amplifier (the clearest sound). I installed my monitor in place of the original one and it fits amazingly well (thanks to the guys at the service station). Mitsubishi Endeavor’s interior is not dirty – cloth seats and not bad plastic, it does not squeak either in winter or in summer.

Pros: roomy interior. The engine.

Disadvantages : no hassles.

Mitsubishi Endeavor, two thousand and four years.

Hello, dear guests. I am the owner of a Mitsubishi Endeavor. Needed a high and high capacity car, and the best is not cheap. I thought, I will drive a few years and change (in Russia I am the 1st owner). I have been driving for 4 years and can not imagine what to change, Mitsubishi Endeavor suits me in everything. I’ll answer your questions now. The fuel consumption on the highway, if not exceeding 100 20 km per hour – 10 liters., In the city the highest consumption, last very hot summer, with the condenser in traffic – fifteen liters.. The consumption is controlled at me, because I have a.к. I took the car for the company. The volume of oil in the crankcase is almost like in the “Zhiguli”, four liters (previously was the “Mercedes,” the oil is seven liters)., to change it “beats” on the pocket). Three years, only changed the oil, filters and pads on the 4th changed the punctured radiator front struts and “shock absorbers” the tailgate, but also for the prevention of changing the timing belt with rollers and other belts, oil in the box. Oil filter and pads are always in stock (pads from “Pajero”). Other parts expected from three to seven days. The prices, like in other crossovers. Fell into difficult situations in the mountains and the black earth off-road, the car has never failed, although I do not reckon on Mitsubishi Endeavor, as an SUV.